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Natural and treated waters may contain a variety of dissolved alkaline substances such as carbonates, bicarbonates, hydroxides and, to a lesser extent, borates, phosphates and silicates. In water at neutral pH the alkalinity derives mainly from the presence of bicarbonates.

Total alkalinity is an important test in determining the aggressiveness or scale forming tendency of the water. If the total alkalinity is low the water may be aggressive and cause corrosion to pipe work and structures; if the total alkalinity is high the water may more rapidly promote scale formation. Alkalinity control is therefore an important part of many water treatment programmes.

The YSI Alkaphot test uses a colorimetric method and covers the total alkalinity range 0 - 500 mg/L CaCO3. The test is particularly suitable for checking natural and drinking waters, swimming pool water, boiler water, etc.


- YPM 188 can be use for 50 tests of Total Alkalinity

- YPM 188 can be use either for YSI photometer 9300 and 9500


1 Package

Product Application

1. Fill tube with sample to the 10 ml mark

2. Add one Alkaphot tablet, crush and mix until all of the particles have dissolved

3. Stand for one minute then remix

4. Select "PHOT 2" on Photometer

5. Do the scanning by following the photometer manual instructions



The YSI Alkaphot test is based on a unique colorimetric method and uses a single tablet reagent. The test is simply carried out by adding a tablet to a sample of the water. Under the conditions of the test, a distinctive range of colors from yellow, though green, to blue is produced over alkalinity range 0 - 500 mg/L CaCO3. The color produced in the test is indicative of the alkalinity of the water and is measured using a YSI Photometer.

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