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Natural waters containing dissolved hydrogen sulfide and other sulfides are found in certain parts of the world, particularly in areas having hot springs. Sulfides are constituents of many industrial wastes such as those from tanneries, gas plants and chemical works. Sulfides can be toxic to fish and aquatic life; and their presence in water supplies gives rise to undesirable tastes and odours.

The YSI Sulfide Test provides a simple method of measuring total available sulphide over the range 0 - 0.5 mg/l and is particularly applicable to natural and drinking waters. Higher levels, such as those found in  effluents and waste waters, can be determined by diluting the sample.


- Can be use 50 times for sulfide test.

- Can be use on Photometer either 9300 and 9500.



1 Package

Product Application

1. Fill test tube with sample to the 10 ml mark.

2. Add 1 Sulphide No 1 tablet and 1 Sulfide No 2 tablet. Crush and mix gently to dissolve the tablets. Gentle mixing is essential to avoid loss of sulphide.

3. Stand for 10 minutes to allow full color development.

4. Select "PHOT 33" on Photometer.

5. Take Photometer reading in usual manner (see Photometer instructions).

6. The result is displayed as mg/l S.


This simplified method for the determination of sulphide is based on a reagent containing diethyl-p-phenylene diamine (DPD) and potassium dichromate. Sulfide reacts with this reagent in acid solution to produce a blue colored complex. In the absence of sulphide the reagent produces a pink color. Chlorine, and other oxidizing agents which normally react with DPD, do not interfere with the test. The reagents are provided in the form of 2 tablets and the test is simply carried out by adding one of each tablet to a sample of the water.

The color produced is indicative of the sulphide concentration and is measured using YSI Photometer.

Expiration date

5 Years after the manufacturing date