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Nitrites are found in natural waters as an intermediate product in the nitrogen cycle. Nitrite is harmful to fish and other forms of aquatic life and the nitrite level must be carefully controlled in water used for fish farms and aquariums. The nitrite test is also applied for pollution control in waste waters, and for the monitoring of drinking water.

The YSI Nitricol test provides a simple method of measuring Nitrite Nitrogen levels over the range 0 - 0.5 mg/l N. Higher levels can be determined by diluting the sample.


- Can be use 50 times of the Nitrite testing in the water.

- Can be use on YSI Photometer either 9300 and 9500.


1 Package

Product Application

1. Fill round test tube with sample to the 10 ml mark.

2. Add 1 Nitricol tablet, crush and mix to dissolve.

3. Stand for 10 minutes to allow full color development.

4. Select "PHOT 24" on Photometer for result as mg/l N, or "PHOT 64" for result as mg/l NO2.

5. Take Photometer reading in usual manner (see Photometer instructions).

Expiration date

10 years after the manufacturing date