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YSI Pro10



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Portable pH or ORP meter

Easy to use, rugged and reliable, the YSI Pro10 provides everything you need in a handheld instrument for the measurement of temperature and either pH or ORP. Userreplaceable sensors and cables, 50 data set memory, and convenient calibration routine makes it user friendly. A true field instrument; Mil-spec (military spec) connectors, IP67 waterproof, rubber over molded case, and 1-meter drop tests ensure durability to provide years of sampling even in the harshest field conditions. 

Product dimension

Pro10 System Specifications (Instrument, Probe, and Cable)

Temperature                       Range                 -5 to 55°C

                                            Resolution            0.1°C

                                            Accuracy               ±0.2°C

pH                                        Range                 0 to 14 pH units

                                            Resolution            0.01

                                            Accuracy               ±0.2

ORP                                      Range                -1500 to 1500 mV

                                            Resolution           1 mV

                                            Accuracy              ±20 mV

Pro10 Additional Specifications

Size                                                           8.3 cm width x 21.6 cm length x 5.7 cm depth (3.25 in. x 8.5 in. x 2.25 in.)

Weight with Batteries                                    475 grams (1.05 lbs.)

Power                                        2 alkaline C-cells providing ~425 hours of battery life (without backlight); low battery indicator when 1 hour is left

Cables                                                       1- 4- 10- 20- and 30-m lengths (3.28, 13.1, 32.8, 65.6 and 98.4 ft.)

Warranty                                                    3-year instrument; 2-year cable; 1-year sensor

Data Memory                                                  50 data sets

Languages                                                    English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

Certifications                                              RoHS, CE, WEEE, IP-67, 1-meter drop test


 • User-replaceable cables and sensors provide versatility, reduce down time and reduce overall cost of ownership.

• Available with 1- 4- 10- 20- and 30-m field cable lengths standard (cable management kit included on all cables 4-m and longer).

• Lab grade pH and ORP probe and cable assemblies available in 1- and 4-m cable lengths.

• Stores 50 data sets; no need to write down data.

• Large graphic, backlit display and glow in the dark keypad. Usable in any lighting condition. The display is also visible when wearing polarized sunglasses.

• Tough. IP-67, impact-resistant, waterproof case. Waterproof with and without the battery cover.

• Rubber over molded case provides extra durability. Military spec connectors are unsurpassed for ruggedness.

• Multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

• 3-year instrument; 2-year cable; 1-year sensor warranty 


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