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Chang Ying Paddlewheel Aerators


Chang Ying

Country of Origin


Reliable product of Taiwan technology

Experience Changing more than 30 years in shrimp farming technology and through the results of trials at the University of Taiwan by making electricity-saving windmills combined with new innovations of the G-16 windmill fan to be the latest solution for shrimp farmer / fish farmers. With advantages:


-  High quality Dynamo motor, low amperage and durable.


- Gearbox Bever Gear with high efficiency.


- High resistance to high sea air.


- Windmill & Life Cap is made from high quality HDPE material.


- Green Fan G-16 Produces high DO and produces electricity

Product dimension

EF-101 : Dimension : 163cm X 160cm X 89cm , Weight 55 Kg  


- Saving electricity.


- Finer resulting of oxygen granule.


 1 unit minimum

Product Application



- Supply of DO or Oxygen for aquaculture ponds.

- Produces water flow and circulation.

- Improve water quality.