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Nanrong Paddlewheel Aerators



Country of Origin


Advantageous through quality

Paddlewheel are fundamental equipment in shrimp farming. Besides ensuring maximum dissolved oxygen in the water, paddlewheel as good aerators must also be able to assist the oxidation process of harmful gases from the bottom of the pond, reducing ammonia in water through the process of nitrification.


Quality and durability are the key to the excellence of Nanrong Paddlewheel. 

- Nanrong has been involved in manufacture , design and distribute aquaculture equipment more than 30 years

- Equipped with the best quality impellers because it is made of 100% "polypropylene" plastic 

- Perfect design that produces maximum oxygen froth and strong currents. 

- Equipped with a bevel gear technology gearbox that can save 20% of electrical energy compared to worm gears.

- The frame also made from solid stainless steel 304 which is equipped with a pillow block holder so that the wheel remains stable when spinning, not shaky and more energy efficient.

- The pontoon on “Nanrong Paddlewheel” is made of 100% HDPE plastic (High Density Polyethylene) which makes the pontoon on the wheels hard, waterproof and even resistant to hot weather (anti UV).

- Reduce farming cost, save energy, durable, easy maintenance


Product dimension

NR-SC112 : Dimensi : 175cm x 163cm x 90cm, Weight 60 Kg  


- Save electricity and are more resistant to corrosion.

- 11 cm fan depth produces high DO

- Flow reaches 5 meters.


- 1 Unit minimum

Product Application

- Supply of DO or Oxygen for aquaculture ponds.

- Produces water flow and circulation.

- Improve water quality.

Expiration date

- Over 3 years