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Nano Bubble Jet


Chang Ying

Country of Origin



Nano Bubble Jet is a machine with the latest innovations in the fisheries world that produce the very smooth air bubbles so it can provide the maximum air intake (DO) for shrimp, because the air bubbles are not easy to rise up to the surface of the water.

Nano Bubble Jet only need 2/3 of the electricity usage of the conventional paddlewheels. In other words, the Nano Bubble Jet can save power by 30% when compared with the usage of the conventional paddlewheels.

The Nano Bubble Jet has an easy maintenance system because it does not use GearBox and a butterfly fan, so there will be no moss formation in the moving parts, as well as maintaining the consistency of the use of electric current during the cultivation period.

The Nano Bubble Jet's working mechanism is to push the incoming air out of the Cone hole into the water, and shoot it back into very fine air bubbles. The placement of the Nano Bubble Jet in the pond is 4 meters in front of the paddlewheel aerator set so that the fine air bubbles can be streamed by the current which are produced by the paddlewheel areator. The tilt of the Nano Bubble Jet engine can be adjusted to the wishes of the farmers, as there are gears on the chassis. And the minimum distance of the bottom of the pool with the Nano Bubble Jet aerator dish is 50 cm so that the organic material at the bottom of the pond does not mixed when the air bubbles are fired.

Nano Bubble Jet Chassis made of Stainless Steel SUS 304 # which has high rust resistance to seawater. The aerator dish is made of HDPE that is durability and has a very high durability.


Model Power Panjang Kincir Ampere RPM Phase Voltage Frequency Aeration Capacity Weight
Type S 1.5 HP 0.6 m 1.3 - 1.5 A 1450 3 ø 380 V - 415 V 50 Hz 2 Kg/h 38 Kg
Type L 2.0 HP 1.0 m 1.8 - 2.1 A 1450 3 ø 380 V - 415 V 50 Hz 2 Kg/h 40 Kg


- Produced fine oxygen bubbles

- Helps the oxidation of harmful gas from the bottom of the pond


1 Unit

Product Application

Supply oxygen into the water in aquaculture.

Expiration date

No expiration time