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YSI Multilab 4010-1w



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Multiparameter Laboratory Instruments

With the ability to measure up to 25 different parameters and simultaneously connect up to three sensors, the MultiLab is a line of flexible, bench top meters that can be configured to meet a variety of laboratory applications.

Smart, Multiparameter Meter

Measure up to 25 different parameters with a single instrument. The MultiLab easily replaces existing instruments and streamlines your laboratory.


Wireless Sensors

Free yourself from cables! The MultiLab offers wireless sensors for pH, FDO, Conductivity, and ORP, giving you freedom to move around your laboratory.


The Ideal BOD Instrument

MultiLab can be used with a traditional membranecovered sensor or an optical based probe. The choice is yours! Additionally, the 2 and 3 channel increase sample throughput with the ability to take more than one BOD measurement at a time.

Product dimension

 MultiLab Line Benchtop General Specifications

Instrument Model

Model 4010-1W

Model 4010-2W and Model 4010-3W

Measurement Channels


2 (4010-2) or 3 (4010-3)

Data Storage

500 data sets manual; 5,000 automatic

500 data sets manual; 10,000 automatic


Mini USB



Graphic, Backlit

Color, Graphic, Backlit

Power Supply

Universal power supply, 4 AA 1.5 V batteries

Universal power supply


All Models (4010-1W, 4010-2W, 4010-3W)



pH, ORP (mV), Dissolved Oxygen % and mg/L with Electrochemical BOD, Optical-based BOD or FDO probe, Barometric Pressure, Conductivity, Resistivity, Salinity, Total Dissolved Solids, Temperature , extensive offering of ISEs and specialy pH electrodes*

Temperature Compensation


Calibration Points

DO = 2; pH = 1 to 5; 4310 conductivity probe = 1 point; ISEs: 2 to 7

Calibration Storage

Max. 10

Calibration Timer

1 to 999 days

GLP/AQA Compliant


LIMS Connection



CE, cETLus


3 years

*ISEs and speciality electrodes compatible with 2 and 3 channel instruments with BNC adapter 



• One-channel input for pH, ORP, DO/BOD, or conductivity sensors

• Intelligent digital sensors (IDS) — calibration data is saved in the sensor and sensors are automatically recognized by instrument making it easy to setup

• Direct replacement for YSI 5000 and 5100 instruments

• Data storage - 500 data sets in manual mode and 5,000 data sets in automatic logging mode

• Easy-to-read graphic display

• GLP traceability (saves calibration data for later review or export)

• USB connectivity to export data

• MultiLab Importer (Excel® add-in) included

• 3-year warranty


Data Management

• Internal memory logs both discrete and continuous measurements

• Data exports seamlessly into Excel® or LIMS, using mini USB

• Instruments export directly to USB flash drives (4010-2W / 3W only)


Quality Control

• Be confident in the accuracy of your data with AutoStable indicator • Instruments are GLP compliant and automatically save calibration   records for review/download


Easy to Calibrate

• Built-in barometer for Dissolved Oxygen (BOD) results in more  accurate calibrations

• Auto-buffer recognition for pH speeds up the calibration process

• Digital smart sensors maintain their calibration and require no setup

• Optical BOD probes reduce maintenance requirements


Sensor Compatibility

• Connect up to three sensors at once, including pH, ORP, Dissolved   Oxygen (BOD), or Conductivity sensors.

• Versatile instruments accept analog sensors like Ion-Selective Electrodes (ISEs) & specialty pH probes (4010-2W/3W only, with adapter)

• New wireless sensors allow for cable-free operation


Get the Most Out of Your Investment

• Replace multiple instruments with a single MultiLab

• Protect your investment with three year instrument warranty

• Run multiple BOD measurements simultaneously with stirrer  adapter (4010-2W / 3W only)



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