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Marine Salt Testa


Trans Instruments

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Trans Instruments is a specialist manufacturer of instruments (measuring instruments) in Singapore. Trans Instruments products meet world quality standards and conform to ISO 9001 International Standards quality system. These products are well known and have been marketed worldwide including USA, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and East Asia.

Testa Sea Salt Designed to measure salt content in water. Sea Salt Testa uses a new method to measure salinity based on a conductivity method that allows users to obtain salinity readings in grams per liter. This is usually represented in ppt. Marine Salt Testa is an indispensable tool for Aquaculture activities.


  Salinity Specific Gravity Temperature
Range: 5 to 40ppt 1.000 to 1.032sg 0 to 70°C / 32 to 158°F
Accuracy: ± 2 ppt ± 0.002 sg ± 1°C/± 2°F
Resolution: 0.1 ppt (5 to 9ppt) 0.001 sg 0.1°C/0.2°F
1 ppt (10 to 40ppt)
Operation Temperature 0 to 70°C 0 to 40°C 0 to 70°C
32 to 158°F 32 to 104°F 32 to 158°F
Battery Type: 2 x Button Cell CR2032 - 3 volts
Battery Life: Approx. 3 months based on 3 tests use per day
Size (LxWxH): 255mm x 32mm x 16.4mm
Weight: Approx. 59gm

Product dimension

L X W X H = (255 X 32 X 16.4) mm


- 3 in 1 meter : Marine Salt Testa can be use to measure the salinity, specific gravity and temperature.

One Click Calibration: Only need one touch to calibrate.



1 Unit

Product Application

To measure the salinity, specific gravity and temperature of water

Expiration date

365 times usage