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HCP L-63A pump


HCP Pump

Country of Origin


L-63A pump

- Produces high water capacity without noise and vibration.

- Sturdy pump construction design, equipped with Double Mechanical Seals & impeller flow for high efficiency.

- Easy to use, save energy and easy maintenance.

- Pumps are produced with durability that is good for all environmental conditions.

- The impeller material is made of aluminum bronze (brass) which is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

- Coated with High Solid Epoxy Coating to extend pump life from corrosion and oxidation.

- Equipped with anode bar, which functions to protect the pump by releasing ions and absorbing electrochemical causes of corrosion and abrasion.

- Using Food Grade White Mineral Lubricant Oil that is environmentally friendly and does not cause contamination of pond water in the event of a leak in the Mechanical Seal so that it is safe for pets.

Product dimension

Diameter 285mm , Height 597mm , Weight 52 Kg



- Easy to use, save energy and easy maintenance.

- Capacity / Debit The water produced is greater.


1 unit minimal

Product Application

- Used for Aquaculture.

- Flood Control.

- Drying of jetties, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

- Water supply for buildings, as cooling for electricity generation or drainage for industries.


Expiration date

Over 5 years