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FN Series Pumps


HCP Pump

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The 4-in-1 HCP Pump design guarantee the best management water conditions and environments for the growing of quality shrimps and fish.

Discharge (mm) 50 • 80
Limits Of Use Liquid Temp   0 - 40? C 
Applications   General wastewater •
  Sewage water and Industrial waster
type Frequency   50 HZ
Motor 2P (3000RPM) •
Dry Motor (F-05A Oil Motor)
Insulation   Class B (0.5 - 3HP) • Class F (5HP)
Protection   IP68
Protector Auto-cut  
(F-05A 3Ø:none, F-05A/U 1Ø:Overheat)
Bearing   Ball Type
M.seal   Double M.seals (F-05A Single : M.seals)
Impeller   Semi-Open
Material Upper Cover   FC200 
Motor Frame   SUS304 
Shaft End   SUS 410 (0.5 - 1.5HP) • SUS403 (2 - 5HP)
M.seal   Upper : Carbon/Ceramic
  Lower : Silicon/Silicon
  (F-05A : Carbon/Ceramic)
Casing   FC200
Impeller   FC200 (F-05A : PA)
Cable   VCT or H07RN-F or SJOW / SOW
Optional Pumps can be customized to fit specifications


Product dimension

FN Series Sewage Submersible Pumps 30
FN Series Submersible Ejector Pumps 35
FN Series Scum Skimmer 45
FN Series Sludge Pump 38


- Cables with epoxy resins to prevent moisture or water from entering the motor.

- Thermal Auto-cut to prevent motor burning due to high temperature or excess electric current.

- Doube Mechanical Seals that are abrasion resistant are produced with silicon carbide that produces the best seal.

- Coated High Solid Epoxy Coating so as to extend pump life from corrosion and oxidation.

- Equipped Anode bar, which serves to protect the pump by releasing ions and absorb electrochemical causes of corrosion and abrasion.

- Using environmentally friendly Food Grade White Minerals Lubricant Oil and does not cause contamination of pond water in the event of a leak in the Mechanical Seal making it safe for pets.

- Support / Foot pump is made of sturdy stainless steel.


1 Unit

Product Application

- Drainage wastes basements of buildings and hotels.

- Drainage of waste factories.

- Empty septic tank.

- Pump surface water and garage drainage.

- Dispose of dirt that settles in the bottom of the pond.

Expiration date

No expiration time

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