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Concrete Liner


Huitex Technology

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The function of Huitex K-Liner is to protect the concrete against corrosive attack by liquids or gases. Huitex K-Liner is installed to all pre-cast concrete pipes and shafts, sofits to cover slabs, chambers and landings. Huitex K-liner is also incorporated in the in-situ cast walls and cover slabs to sumps, channels and tanks. Huitex K-Liner is made of premium HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with ancor embedded knobs which are integrally and homogenously manufactured in single process. It has superior features including outstanding pull-off resistance, tensile properties, puncture resistance, and strong resistance against aggressive chemicals, UV, and environmental stress crack. Huitex K-Liner is the best long-term solution and an economic way to extend the life of the concrete system.


Product dimension

Material : High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Thickness : 2 - 5 mm


- Outstanding pull-off resistance,

- Tensile properties,

- Puncture resistance,

- Strong resistance against aggressive chemicals, UV, and environmental stress crack

Product Application

- Landfills

- Landfill Caps

- Hazardous Waste Containments

- Waste Water Treatment

- Secondary Containments

- Aquaculture Ponds

- Canals

- Portable Water Containments

- Water Reservoirs

- Mining

- Tunnel

- Storage Tanks

- Concrete Protection

Expiration date

No Expiration Time